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Primary School Leadership

Primary School Leadership

NLP Awakenings provides a leadership workshop for senior primary students (Year 7-8) that matches the thinking and feeling that those students have as younger children and staff look up to them. In view of the whole school, younger children and staff want to see in their young leaders:

happiness and enthusiasm
children who are co-operative with one another and who model good behavior for the whole school
enthusiasm when they are involved in school events and projects
a willingness to contribute and take part in school events that is modeled for younger students
active leadership in assuming roles in assemblies, sports events, school liturgies etc
individuals who can stand on their own two feet and speak and act for themselves
a class group that can co-operate with one another and form a small community amongst themselves.

These qualities are spoken about, modeled and practiced in the workshop.
This workshop awakens in the children:

the memories of their time in the school from when they arrived up till they journey into secondary school.
the changing feelings and how they deal with growing expectations of leadership in the school.
an awareness of their natural leadership talents
ideas of how they can use these talents each day in the school





2-hour (Basic) $150 NZD
3-4 hour (In-depth) $300 NZD
1-day (Intensive) $450 NZD
'Bright Sparks'

'Bright Sparks'

NLP Awakenings provides an exciting, integrated, activity- based workshop called “Bright Sparks” that:

Affirms the “bright spark” within each child
Invites the creative spark within each child to express itself
Teaches memorization techniques that amaze the children
Awakens key knowledge about their brain and brain potential
Gives each child the time and examples of how make models of neurons, and the three sections of the brain
Tells children stories of how within the creative structure of the brain they can boost their creativity with ease and achieve their goals





3-4-hour basic $300 NZD
1-day ideal and full
(leaves them wanting more!)
$450 NZD

Comments from the children

Fun, was great, fun I will come again
Very interesting stuff
A great learning experience and great for the mind
Interesting and fun
It’s easy to memorize things associating them with pictures
Really fun I loved it and I liked everything we did
It was awesome
Great it was fun learning