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Recently I had the (mis?)fortune to wake up with the knowledge that “today isn’t going to be a good day”. At least that’s what I thought. How wrong can a person be.

Over the years I have had regular problems with the siatic nerve both on the left and right side of my body. Painful, annoying and frustrating. I knew I had an appointment with Darryl that morning so I made an effort to get up, get dressed and climb 2 sets of stairs.

Once in my office at home, I turned on the computer and connected to Darryl in his office. I actually live in the Netherlands and by using SKYPE as a communication medium, I can communicate with people all over the world at the press of a button.

Darryl asked after my wellbeing and I told him what was bothering me. Darryl explained that by implementing a NLP technique referred to as parts integration technique he would be able to help me rid my body from the pain and dis-ease of the siactica for good.

Did it work, you ask? Yes, my word, did it work. I followed the procedure that Darryl set out for me and before long ( minutes actually) a huge difference was evident. About half an hour after the procedure I noticed that the pain had left a small “ bruised” type feeling. This too evaporated over a short period.

I can now say, with relief, astonishment and real joy, I haven’t had a return of this problem AT ALL. I have been “sciatica free” for quite some time now and am totally confident that it will not return.