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What the Seminar does

The Transforming Communication Seminar teaches state of the art communication skills based on the NLP Communication Model that AWAKENS in the participants:

effective interpersonal communication skills that
increase the QUALITY of communication within business, home, school and work environments

What the Seminar covers

The Transforming Communication Seminar is facilitated over a 28 hour (4 day) period and covers the following state of the art communication skills:

Goal setting
Mind and body integration
Rapport building
Problem ownership
Attending skills
Learning stages
Open questioning
Solution-focused questions
Reflective listening
Sensory system use
“I” Messages
Roadblocks to communication
Win-win conflict resolution
Values conflict

Benefits to you

Discover and awaken the best part of you –business professional, partner, husband/wife, teacher, parent –as you genuinely communicate your thoughts, ideas, feelings and needs.

Model the communication skills as you learn them to your:

Children Bosses
Friends Employees
Partner Classes
Spouse Patients
Work colleagues Clients




Current Seminars and Costs

The next Transforming Communication Seminar will be held:

Feel the energy from knowing that you communicate genuinely and effectively.

Build rapport with others quickly so as to gain their cooperation and trust

Enable others to resolve their own difficulties and meet their own outcomes.

Have others respect your needs and cooperate with you

Resolve conflict problems with groups without having to resort to threats or punitive action

Create and action solutions that truly meet your own outcomes as well as others

Influence others successfully while keeping rapport

Place: in Christchurch New Zealand
Venue: at St Mary’s Community Centre
Address: 114 Lonsdale St, New Brighton, Christchurch

Times: 9.00am -5.00pm each day

Seminar: 4-Day 28 Hours

Investment: $695 reduced to $650 if paid three weeks in advance.

Your investment in the Transforming Communication Seminar includes:

A power point introduction
A 90 page manual
A certificate of achievement
A follow up power point reviewing the Seminar after completion

This video shows how the Transforming Communication Seminar can be run via Skype

NLP Awakenings Skype username: Dazhaelan

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