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This course will equip you with skills essential for productive, goal-oriented conversation. It will provide you with techniques essential in conflict resolution/ dissipation of any kind.
Edi Guzy (Tutor College of Natural Medicine)

This course provided a new framework for communication concepts and a renewed understanding of their importance and how to use them.
Bill Carroll (Kodak Christchurch NZ)

This seminar was fantastic . I believe that every parent, teacher, business leader, community leader, politician, UN diplomat (the list is endless) should do this seminar.
Louise Martin (Teacher and support worker for intellectually disabled people)

Thoroughly professional, that I would not hesitate to recommend to others. I learned a lot more than just communication skills, it put a lot of things about my life into context.
Astrid Harris (Mother and Police worker)

As a parent of 6 children from adult to primary, the Transforming Communication Course provided me with a fresh look at communicating with my family. It was like being guided by a light through a tunnel with the potential gathering momentum on the journey.
Jocelyn Marsh (Teacher Aide and Mother)

It is an amazing and very beneficial course that can help you in all areas of life. It identifies and breaks down the complex ideas and information that you need to be a successful and influential communicator in all areas of your life.
Victoria Rapson (Primary Teacher)

Valuable! Not to be missed! If you think you know how to communicate, think again! A valuable tool to live a more satisfying, happier life.
Dr Rasika Amarasekera, Christchurch

I was amazed how effective these simple skills were and how amazing the outcome was applying them.
Eva Mason, Christchurch