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NLP Awakenings offers children and students “retreat” experiences that inspires them to deeper values and principles that are both relevant for them in their school and home life. The retreats take the students out of the usual classroom routine and environment and focuses them on a particular theme, story and scripture that carries the inspiration and energy for the day.

The following are the retreats offered by NLP Awakenings with their themes:


Year 7 Theme: “Hope the Positive Dream”

The Year 7 retreat enables the students to see hope as a positive realization that requires belief in oneself. Like the story of Bartimaeus (Mark 10: 46-52) and “Bastian” in the film, both needed the positive dream of hope to bring them to a better future.


Year 8 Theme: “Together Is the Answer”

This retreat highlights the strength and power to achieve when people work together for a good cause. Just as the early Christians lived together and shared their possessions and just as Dave Rastovich rallied his surfing friends to protest the slaughter of the Sachi dolphins, the personal bonds created bring people together and generates a sense of community. In the film, Aladar the Dinosaur brings people together by his attitude towards the lowly.


Year 9 Theme: “Relationships Are Stepping Stones”

The importance of forming strong, positive relationships with people is the focus of this retreat. The connections that the students make with others can serve them positively in the future as quiet stepping stones to help them achieve their goals. The Burt Munroe story highlights this in an incredible way. When Burt met people they were attracted to his goal and helped him achieve it. In the same way Jesus’ disciples were attracted to his values and his mission and shared in building the Kingdom


Year 10 Theme “Widen Your Vision”

The Year 10 retreat explores the difference in people who have a broad vision for what they want to do and want to become and those who have a narrow one. “Joseph” and “Shannon” the characters in the story have a wide vision for themselves in spite of their present circumstances. Jesus’ vision of the Kingdom of God was the energy that shaped his life and ministry.


Year 11 Theme “Take People to Heart”

The Year 11 Retreat opens up the possibility of thinking about people in holistic ways. This way of thinking stirs compassion and love and leads to action. The true story of Dr Patch Adams and the impact that he has on people shows that a holistic attitude brings the best out of people. Jesus cures the Gerasene Demoniac not only of the demons but transforms him into a missionary to the Gentiles


Year 12 Theme: “Make People Your Mainstay”

This retreat focuses on people and how people and their various gifts and strengths are the mainstay of others in need. Part of this retreat enables the students to explore their unique personality type and be affirmed positively in their understanding of themselves. This retreat is an opportunity for the students to become aware of their own leadership qualities and how they can support one another in leadership roles.


Year 13 Theme: “Use Your Spirit To Achieve Your Mission”

The Year 13 retreat enables the students to create their own personal mission statement. The students become aware that their mission is different from their short or long term goals. Their mission relates to who they are and who they want to become. Part of their mission is an awareness of
their strengths, their values and what they find meaningful in life. The students will hear stories about people such as Steve and Terri Urwin and Aung San Suu Kyi who lived and are still living their life’s mission.





1-Day Retreat (30 students maximum) $300 NZD