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About NLP Awakenings

Who are we?
We are a strong and small business, a husband and wife partnership who are united in the following mission:

"We want to make a positive difference to people’s lives by awakening in them their own ability and potential to:

find peace
promote their own healing
feel joy and fulfillment
progress happily through challenge and change
share excitement and energy with new learnings

AND so to awaken within themselves a source of gentle power bringing them to a new land, a new awareness and a new person."


About Darryl Shute

I walk alongside people, pace them and learn from them. From here I offer coaching suggestions so as to awaken in them thoughts, feelings and actions that bring them new possibilities.

I work in the same way with groups. I walk with them, pace them and then present new learnings in an accelerated learning way that engages groups of all ages. To see the growth of wonder in people’s eyes and to see them contemplating change and new ways with excitement is always a delight for me.

NLP makes all of this happen. I am oriented toward action, based on well-researched and founded NLP principles. The powerful techniques to assist people and groups in making significant long-lasting changes form the tool kit from which I resource.

I am an NLP Master Practitioner who has worked with many individual clients and groups of people of all ages.


About Anne Shute

I am very comfortable assuming a supportive role for Darryl, my husband. I handle matters financial and have a view to future planning and what needs to be done on a daily basis. I have been involved in the retail area and pastoral support. I am a Landmark graduate and a CFLE Christian Family Life Education graduate.
Most importantly, I am a successful home-maker (Awakener) which I share with Darryl and our four children Lanette, Jeremy, Joshua and Daniel.


Darryl is an NLP Master Practitioner and has a strong background in education. His qualifications include a Masters Degree in Education, Bachelor of Education, Diploma in teaching and Bachelor of Divinity. He is an International Transforming Communication Instructor, a Myers Briggs Facilitator, a Christian Family Life Education graduate and is a member of the New Zealand Association of Neuro Linguistic Programming.
Anne’s background is in customer service. She has been a receptionist and dispatch worker for a significant jewelry company in Christchurch, a parish worker in Brisbane, Australia and a receptionist for the National Centre for Religious Studies in Auckland. Anne is a “Herbalife” distributor and enjoys music and teaches guitar.